Services Of Impellitteri-Malia Funeral Home Of New London, CT

Helping Families Of Southeastern CT With Funeral Planning Services Since 1950

Basic Services Of Our Funeral Home

Funeral Home Services New London CT

Our fee represents a proportionate share of our operating costs and overhead, necessary for us to provide the finest funeral home and funeral services expected from a small family owned and operated funeral home in New London, CT.

A licensed funeral director and staff includes but not limited to:

  • Staff to respond to initial request for funeral services
  • Arrangement conference with family or responsible party
  • Coordination with cemetery or other parties involved with the final disposition of the deceased
  • Preparing and filing of necessary notices, authorization and permits required by law
  • Maintaining a 24-hour response capability
  • Office support for filing notification and completion of funeral records

This fee is our basic services and overhead will be added to the total cost of funeral services you select. [This fee is already included in our charges for direct cremations, immediate burials and forwarding and receiving remains.]


Care & Preparation of Remains

Funeral Services New London Waterford CTExcept in certain cases, embalming is not required by state or federal law. Embalming is required by the funeral home if you select funeral arrangements such as visitations, church services or funeral home services or any other public facility or affair. If you do not want embalming you may choose an arrangement that does not require you to pay for it, such as direct cremation or immediate burial.

We provide:

  • Embalming of Remains
  • Embalming Autopsies or Organ Donation Remains
  • Other Preparation –
    Dressing/Casketing of Remains, Cosmetology and/or Restoration
  • Disinfection and Sanitary Care of Remains

When embalming is not used, removal of artificial pumps, pacemakers and/or shelter of remains.


Funeral Home Facilities

Includes equipment, coordination, supervision and professional staff.

We provide:

  • Use of Facilities and Staff for Visitation
  • Use of Facilities, Equipment and Staff for Day of Funeral Ceremony
    Funeral ceremony held in funeral home or assemble at funeral home followed by services at church or other destination.
  • Use of Staff and Equipment for Funeral Service at Other Facilities
  • Use of Staff and Equipment for Graveside Services
  • Use of Staff and Equipment for Memorial Service at Other Facility
  • Use of Staff, Equipment and Set-Up for Visitation at Other Facility


Automotive Equipment/Transportation

We provide:

  • Local Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home
  • Hearse/Funeral Coach
  • Limousine [Impellitteri-Malia]
  • Service Vehicles
    Lead car; Utility car for flowers.
  • Courier Service
    If necessary, funeral home has to make special trip to physician office because doctor refused to go to place of death to sign death certificate.
  • Transportation to/or From Bradley or Green Airport
  • Use of Hearse or Limousine for Funeral Outside Local Area


Memorial Merchandise

  • Register Book
  • Prayer Cards
  • Crucifix, Cross or Plaque
  • Temporary Grave Marker



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Outer Burial Containers

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Cremation & Burial Packages

Funeral Facilities New London Waterford CTDirect Cremation – $3,150.00
Basic Services, disinfection -sanitary care & shelter of remains, local transportation to funeral home, transportation to crematory, crematory fee, State of CT Medical Examiner fee. [Consumer to provide combustible container]

Direct Cremation Package – $2,995.00
Basic Services, disinfection-sanitary care & shelter of remains, local transportation to funeral home, transportation to crematory, cremation container, State of CT Medical Examiner fee, crematory fee. [This package does not include urn, memorial services or use of facility or staff.]

Immediate Burial – $3,045.00
Basic Services, additional care of remains, local transportation to funeral, local transportation to cemetery, equipment & staff for graveside services. [This package does not include casket of outer burial container. Funeral home will meet directly at cemetery for services. No viewing of deceased at funeral home or funeral procession from funeral home. No service vehicles.]


Our Building Is Handicap Accessible
Since 1950, Impellitteri-Malia funeral home of New London, CT has been providing funeral planning services to families in Southeastern, Connecticut (CT) including:
New London CT, Waterford CT, Groton CT, East Lyme CT, Niantic CT, Old Lyme CT and the surrounding local community.