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Most of us are ill-prepared to plan and carry out a funeral service for someone we love. Much of the information available for funeral planning doesn’t focus on what is most important: having a tailored, significant funeral that helps families and friends begin healing after the death of a loved one.

This section provides insight and information that will help you and your family create a meaningful funeral experience while honoring the life of your loved one and starting you on the path to healing from grief.

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1. Choose A Connecticut (CT) Funeral Home.

Because prices and the quality of funeral service can vary even among geographically close funeral homes, it’s a good idea to call several of them and ask for a general price list. According to FTC regulations, they are obligated to give you this list upon request.

Once you’ve chosen a Connecticut funeral home, the funeral director will collect information and help you in all aspects of arranging the funeral service. Do not be afraid to consult several funeral homes in CT to discuss services and costs.


2. Call Your Pastor, Rabbi, Or Spiritual Leader To Help You Set Up For A Funeral Service.

If the deceased was not religious, you may consult a humanist minister.


3. Ask Friends And Loved Ones To Provide Photos Of The Deceased.

These may be used to make collages, in the printing of programs, in an obituary, or in other ways.


4. Give The Funeral Director A Photo For Reference.

Doing this helps them to give your loved one the appearance they had when they were alive. This is important, especially if there will be a viewing or you wish to visit them in the chapel of rest.

  • Bear in mind that the photo should portray the deceased in good health. The funeral director aims to make them look as familiar to mourners as possible, so they shouldn’t look sick.
  • There are circumstances when the funeral director may not recommend viewing. Also, some circumstances of death could mean that the condition of the deceased cannot be restored.


5. Consider Asking For Donations.

When doing this, contemplate whether the deceased believed in a certain cause.


6. Use A Guestbook So That People Can Leave Their Addresses If They Wish.

This enables you to keep a record of who attended, which is useful because you may not get chance to talk to or greet all of the mourners on the day of the service.


7. Consider Placing A Notice Of Death In The Newspaper.

This helps to inform people who may not have heard that the person has died. You can do this solely in a local newspaper, but other areas may be considered such as the place where they grew up or lived for a while, as well as places where the deceased may have made an impact on people. Take into consideration who may wish to know about the death and where they live.


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